Virtual Cinema Lab is a community of artists & researchers.

We are expanding the possibility space of content creation by using and abusing new media technologies.

We prioritise imagination, emotion and storytelling.

Community Projects


XR Encounters are open networking sessions for developers, content creators, students and professionals.

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A cross-disciplinary meeting place for students, teachers, researchers and everyone else interested in experimenting with VR and building their own experiences.

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About us


We use a system of self organisation that allows members to build VCL according to our needs, and has clear guidelines on how to address problems as they arise.



Trial and error are crucial parts of discovery. We organise rapid prototyping & practice based research events to enable transdisciplinary cooperation.



When we combine our achievements we amplify their impact: that’s why we actively share knowledge and create inclusive, non-judgemental spaces for peer learning.

Can I join?

VCL is open for everyone. We are interested in new perspectives and open for applications from researchers, artists and professionals alike.

We have three membership types: Supporting, Active and Hyperactive.

Everything about this research group, its website, social media channels, the handbook, events and coordination has been created and are maintained by Active and Hyperactive members.

How to join VCL

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