Mónica Celeste

Creative Sustainability Master’s student at Aalto. My education background is in business and economics but I’m currently focusing in design and arts studies. I have 4 years experience as a video and photography freelancer and for the last years I have been looking into VR as a medium.

Project manager

I have done producing for video and photography productions, as well as smaller scale VR productions.


I have directed commercial videos and written scripts for them.


I’ve edited short commercial video projects for international publications and artists like Yungblud.


I have some experience in cinematograhpy, mainly in short commercial videos. Have also filmed underwater and in extreme settings like on mountains. I have also done 360° underwater cinematography in the Baltic sea.

Media artist

I photograph a lot as a hobby, my main interest lies in making sense of the anthropocene and trying to see the beauty in it.

Other interests

I am a professional diver by training and a Creative Sustainability student and I’m looking for ways to bring together my interest in nature, the human condition and VR. My interest lies in the intersections of social sciences, economics, science, design, arts and visual culture overall.




!Active members, Cinematography, Director/Screenwriter, Editor, Media artist, Project manager