Iga Adela Gerolin

I am a doctoral student at Media Department of Aalto University studying 3D sound and its use in music production, cinema and Virtual Reality. Recently, I participated in Audio Post Production Practicum at Banff Centre (Alberta, Canada).

Public speaking

I organized XR Encounter on immersive sound and I taught filmmaking and video editing.


My PhD project focuses on 3D audio as a mean of immersion and a storytelling tool (art production: “Comfort” – short film with spatial sound). I also worked on sound design for VR research project “The State of Darkness” (dir. P.Tikka). I am one of the authors of the publication about it.

Project manager

I wrote and directed “Comfort” – short film with binaural audio.

Game designer

I use Unity 3D and Unreal for the purpose of my research and other artistic projects.


Basic knowledge of C# (Unity 3D), Java (Processing) and HTML/CSS (Dreamweaver).

Sound designer

I am a proficient user of DAW stations, especially ProTools and Reaper. I love doing foley and the work on audio post production projects (eg. editing dialogue, adding sound effects, mixing). I am constantly developing my skills in spatial sound.


I wrote and directed a short movie “Comfort” where the 3D sound was used as a main storytelling tool.


I have a work experience as photo and video editor, I worked particularly on commercial photography and product videos.


I have a work experience as a photographer. Moreover, during the production of my short film, I worked closely with the camera operator to find the best way to film it and deliver the main idea.

Media artist

During my studies I realized several projects based on the interaction between sounds and gestures (by using, eg. Pure Data and Processing). In my free time, I like to develop my graphic design skills.

Other interests

Film sound design, Music composing, 360 videos, Photojournalism




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