Tanja Bastamow

I am a virtual scenographer and a doctoral candidate at Aalto University Department of Film, television and scenography. My key areas of interest are immersive virtual environments, the virtual and augmented reality as a creative playground and combining live, physical experiences with the virtual.

Public speaking

I have worked as full&part-time a lecturer at Aalto University, Metropolia, Stockholm Uniarts etc. Speaker & presenter at conferences and seminars both domestically and internationally.


I’m currently doing artistic research on real-time virtual scenography, exploring the formerly uncharted potential of virtual scenography as a performative element in creating XR experiences in which audience (participants), designers, performers and virtual spaces mix in new and unexpected ways.

Project management

I have worked in various cross-disciplinary artistic projects, resulting in good project management skills through “live and learn, don’t repeat your mistakes” method..

Game design

Unreal Engine skills in environment building ( & currently learning more)


Not there yet – but immensely interested! (currently learning)

3D/VFX artist

I’ve worked as 3D artist & VFX artist in various projects. Currently interested in real-time applications such as game engines.

Production design

Scenography, virtual set design and spatial storytelling are in the core of my artistic explorations and skills.

Media artist

I have worked in various cross-media art productions.

Other interests

Metaverse & cyberspace, creative coding, activism via art, misusing software for unexpected results, cross-pollination between different art disciplines…

Gear that I am willing to lend to other members

GoPro Hero 5 Black




!Active members, 3D/VFX artist, Coder, Game designer, Media artist, Production design, Project manager, Public speaking, Researcher