Game Engines for Artists / Peer-learning project

This project was completed in 2019 and is not currently active.

Monthly peer-learning sessions: Game Engines Ompelukerho!!

Game Engines are versatile and accessible tools for creating interactive real-time art. They can be used for anything from creating text based twitter bots to sprawling open worlds in Virtual Reality.

Join our monthly peer learning sessions to explore how we can use the tools and conventions of game developers for making art.

We follow these core ideas:
>> We are abusing tech instead of becoming proficient in it, by subverting or ignoring conventions.
>> There is no failure, just happy accidents.
>> We improve our general skill-set to approach whatever media technology is thrown in front of us: curiosity, courage and patience.

The aim is not to become proficient in one particular thing or get a theoretical understanding of all the functions, but to instead gain a general, practical insight into what is possible with each tool.

We make something & break something in a short amount of time, turn it into an art project and publish it.

Our philosophy is that we might come in with one idea of what to do and then something goes wrong, and by using this happy accident of us bumbling about, we will create something different–and maybe that something is even better than our original idea?

Mainly it’s about having fun and trying to learn to approach new technologies with a happy-go-lucky attitude!

The course adapts to the interest and needs of the participants. If you have something you want to learn, you can propose and/or coordinate a session so we all learn that thing together…

This course is welcoming artists and practitioners from all fields.

If you know something about games or game engines – great, if not, that’s also good. The point of these sessions is to learn and explore together, no matter what your background might be.


Once a month in 2019