Synes Elischka

I’m a PhD Candidate at Aalto Arts Department of Film, did my M.A. in Trans-Media Arts at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna and at the Film Department of IUNA&ENERC in Buenos Aires.

Public speaking

Extensive experience speaking at conferences and festivals (Nordisk Panorama, Helsinki Script, SCSMI, Tampere Film Festival,…) Teaching basics of Storytelling in VR in ELO Film School Helsinki, ZHdK Zürich, Veritas Film School Costa Rica, and online:


Always happy to support people with their projects…


PhD position since 2013: creating a model of immersion and investigating novel ways for filmmakers to engage a viewer’s imagination when telling stories in Cinematic Virtual Reality. Have been working as part of Pia Tikka’s NeuroCine Research Group and now Virtual Cinema Lab.

Project manager

Have been producing my own film productions since 2004, and a lot of events and workshops all over the world. Currently Project Manager of Virtual Cinema Lab together with Tanja Bastamow.

Game designer

Basic knowledge of Unreal Engine, trying to get better.


Directing and writing my own films since 2004. This one is called “Meanwhile“.


Editing with Premiere Pro, I’m quite fast and have extensive experience with editing VR films, documentaries and experimental films.


14 years shooting my own films on camcorders and DSLRs, last 3 films I shot with Arri Amira. Developed a workflow for shooting stereoscopic 360 footage using Red Dragon together with Tanja Bastamow.

Media artist

Studied Trans-Media Arts in Vienna 2002-2008, working mostly with video and audio installations, work samples here: BrainSounds and A Private Investigators Dream Machine.

Other interests

Brain Computer Interfaces, Cognitive Neuroscience, Media Philosophy, Trans-media development, Rapid prototyping, self organization, creating inclusive spaces for artists to explore new media technology for storytelling together.


+358449697280 (signal, telegram)


!Active members, Cinematography, Consultant, Director/Screenwriter, Editor, Game designer, Media artist, Project manager, Public speaking, Researcher