Tatu Blomqvist

Doctoral student in Aalto Media Lab, Master of Social Sciences (visual journalism), documentary photographer and filmmaker, 10 years of experience and 6+ years in humanitarian sector.

Public speaking

I have taught photojournalism, foreign reporting and documentary video in university courses and workshops in Finland, Namibia and Tanzania, and had some speaks on VR (Tampere Film Festival etc.).


I’m doing my doctoral research in Aalto ARTS Media Lab about documentary VR.

Project manager

I’ve done producer duties in documentary productions, and in some AR and VR projects too.

Game designer

I know the basics of Unity and use it in my work and research on a weekly basis.


I’ve directed short documentaries on social issues and development, conflict etc.


I’ve edited short documentaries and other documentary video productions as my day job for years.


I’ve shot traditional documentary footage and 360 degree video in Finland and abroad (Somaliland, Central African Republic etc.)

Media artist

I work as a photographer as my daily job, and also photograph my own documentary projects.

Other interests

Documentaries, conflict, peace, social issues, human rights, games, consciousness, perception, media, journalism.




!Active members, Cinematography, Director/Screenwriter, Editor, Game designer, Media artist, Project manager, Public speaking, Researcher