Storytelling in VR / Online course

Making of Video

This project was completed in 2017 and is not currently active.

Even though VR headsets are becoming widely available, there is still a lack of compelling content. We see artists working together across the boundaries of genres and tools (360 cinema, not-games, transmedia, social media, world-building, virtual reality…) trying to figure out how to tell stories with these new media technologies.

We’ll be looking at how (game)mechanics can be used to convey meaning, learn about using interactivity without distracting from the story (enactive cinema) and try to use the technical limitations of the medium to our advantage. The course included both online and in-class learning, individual and/or group work, necessary contact hours with teachers, as well as lectures with visiting experts.

Contact person:

Tanja Bastamow

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12.9.2017 - 22.9.2017