EgoCure / VR film

The Ego Cure mask is a gadget that helps artists who get stuck, to continue with their practice.

But the technology has been used to make art even more of a commodity, by forcing an artist who is unable or unwilling to provide a commissioned art piece to wear the mask.

The plot of the film follows Emma, a choreographer who decides to redo her entire performance a day before the premiere which meets the resistance of the curator who commissioned her piece.

At the turning point of the movie the protagonist is forced to use the Ego Cure mask, and we are thrown with her into a world that both literally and conceptually rips open the fourth wall and teases the possibility space of storytelling in Virtual Reality.

Ego Cure is an important pilot project for Virtual Cinema Lab. The film is part of a research project that studies conventions of virtual reality filmmaking, while creating tools for shooting high quality cinematic VR.

The film also makes first steps in enactive cinema, exploring interactivity that supports the story. Ego Cure has been presented at Kiasma, Nordisk Panorama Film Festival, Loikka Dance Film Festival, SCSMI Conference, CILECT Conference, Stockholm Film Festival.

Contact person:

Synes Elischka

Arranged by:

VCL, ELO, Aalto Studios, ObloMovies, Crucible Studios


2015 - 2019