Victoria Korshunova

Masters student in Aalto Media Lab, Sound in New Media Programme. Researcher in audiovisual perception field and spatial sound systems, audiovisual artist, electronic music producer, psychologist, spiritual traveller

Public speaking

I have taught creative & interactive workshop for Metropolia students. Also short speach sessions about sound & vision.


Have a working experience as a Research Assistant in Acoustics and Speech Processing Department, Aalto University.

Project manager

I do my own AudioVisual production as a New Media Artist.

Game designer

Have experience in small startup video game design company for one semester / Unity


AudioVisual/ Creative / Interactive coding: Java, C++, C#, Supercollider

3D/VFX artist

3D Max on a basic level.

Sound designer

It’s my major, since I study Sound in New Media as a Masters student in Aalto. I did studies in Sibelius Academy, also exchange to Japan for Acoustic Design. I compose, do sound design and work with Spatial Audio.


I have a good knowledge of Adobe Creative Cloud softwares as well as Final Cut.


I’ve shot some video art projects and participated in several short movies.

Media artist

I’ve done many big and small projects as an Audiovisual Artist (installations, performances and freelance)


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!Supporting members, 3D/VFX artist, Cinematography, Coder, Editor, Game designer, Media artist, Members, Project manager, Public speaking, Researcher, Sound designer