Victor Pardinho

Master in New Media Design and Production.

Public speaking

I have been teaching workshops and courses since 2010, especially in the fields of new media and media arts. In institutions like Aalto University (FI), São Paulo University (BR) and Parsons Design School (NYC).


Open to help on anything.


I’ve been a long time researcher. Starting at the Interactive Technologies Laboratory of São Paulo University in 2009, later at Aalto’s Crucible Studio and currently with Enactive Virtuallity at the Baltic Film and Media School of Tallinn University and MEDIT Centre of Excellence.

Project manager

Produced several art installations, video arts and events. Also good knowledge in project management tools like Jira, GitHub and such. Pipeline and workflow design and management for immersive and media projects.

Game designer

Unity and Unreal. Especially Unreal. Mainly everything there’s to know, besides really hardcore programming.


C++, C#, JavaScript, Processing, OpenFrameworks.

3D/VFX artist

Work mainly with 3D pipeline design and workflows. Research and huge interests in photogrammetry and videogrammetry solutions. Also using real-time engines for non-traditional game projects.

Media artist

Mainly all my life. With works presented all over from Brazil to South-Korea. Open and interested in any project that challenges technology and aesthetics, using experimental new media and crazy ideas.



!Supporting members, 3D/VFX artist, Coder, Consultant, Game designer, Media artist, Members, Project manager, Public speaking, Researcher