Pia Fricker

I graduated as architect (MSc), specialised in the field of urban design and landscape architecture, a postgraduate degree in computer aided architectural design and didactics and pedagogy of ETH Zurich. Currently I hold a position as Adjunct Professor at Aalto.

Public speaking

I am actively sharing and discussing my experience in the are computational design methodologies in the area of architecture and landscape architecture as keynote speaker (HafenCity University, University of Copenhagen, ETH Zurich…) at conferences (eCAADe, DLA, ACADIA…) and other occasions.


Very experienced in consulting architecture and landscape architecture projects in the area of computational design methodologies, partner at ETH spinoff kaisersrot


Current research projects: Data-driven Design in the Realm of Mixed Reality, Experience Research in Spatial Immersive Data Interaction in VR (in collaboration with neuroscience), Data Simulation as Design Tool. General research fields: algorithmic design, machine learning, point cloud technology.

Project manager

Project manager experience in architecture, producer of conferences, workshops, seminars…

Game designer

Basic knowledge in Unreal Engine and Unity


Scripting skills: Processing, Grasshopper, Dynamo, Phyton…

3D/VFX artist

Extensive experience in 3D modelling in the field of architecture and landscape architecture (Rhino, Maya, Cinema 4d, 3ds Max, CATIA and many more…)

Sound designer

Soundscape design > I experienced in using sound as a tool for perception and storytelling in urban design.


Movies in the field of environmental perception in cooperation with Susanne Hofer (flimmern.ch).

Media artist

Interactive projects done in cooperation with ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology) by using Processing.

Other interests

I am member of Aalto`s experience platform (experience.aalto.fi) which enriches my understanding of experience research and made me very interested in the field of neuroscience at the interface to spatial cognition and spatial understanding. I enjoy developing computational methods in order to deal with complex settings to design new urban and landscape topologies.




!Supporting members, 3D/VFX artist, Coder, Consultant, Director/Screenwriter, Game designer, Media artist, Members, Project manager, Public speaking, Researcher, Sound designer