Minna Kilpeläinen

M.Ed and M.Phil, TV-journalist and -director for 13 years, teacher of communication for 5 years, lecturer of TV- and online journalism for 11 years – sometimes doing all at the same time. Now working as a freelance media professional, documentary filmmaker and communication specialist.

Public speaking

Lecturer of TV- and online journalism in Metropolia UAS 2009-2018 (VR, 360 video, transmedia, documentaries, news).´

Project manager

Development producer in YLE, spring 2016, project manager of Yle-Metropolia projects 2016-2018, National Treasure Hunt 2016-2017 (Metropolia, National Museum and publisher YLE).


director and screenwriter at Yle 1993 – 2006, freelance documentary filmmaker since 2018


Editing TV-programmes / TV-series in YLE 1999-2006, corporate videos 2004-2009 and 2020


Short news clips and experiments with Samsung Gear 360, corporate videos 2004-2009 and 2020

Gear that I am willing to lend to other members

Samsung Gear 360 and Oculus headset.




!Supporting members, Cinematography, Director/Screenwriter, Editor, Members, Project manager, Public speaking