Juho Rissanen

M.Sc. (Economics), M.A. (East Asian Studies), plus other studies online and offline around the world.

Public speaking

A fair share of public speaking at various conferences and events over the years.


I can tell you many things about Asia, both business and culture.


Currently at Tampere University Unit for Computer-Human Interaction.

Game designer

Created many D&D campaigns, a few C64 games and a scifi universe. Basic Unity skills, and once upon a time spent a weekend as a team manager at Global Game Jam.


I dabble with my Insta360 Air and Insta360 Nano.

Other interests

XR + location based games, XR + biofeedback, designing your own spaces in VR.

Gear that I am willing to lend to other members

Insta 360 Air (plug-in 360 camera for Android phones)




!Supporting members, Cinematography, Consultant, Game designer, Members, Public speaking, Researcher