Juho Rissanen

Emerging Media & Futurology studies. M.Sc. (Economics), M.A. (East Asian Studies), plus other studies online and offline around the world.

Public speaking

A fair share of public speaking at various conferences and events over the years. Recently started hosting online workshops.


Been with Tampere University Unit for Computer-Human Interaction.

Project manager

I’ve managed various group projects.

Game designer

Created many D&D campaigns, a few C64 games and a scifi universe. Once upon a time spent a weekend as a team manager at Global Game Jam.


Rudimentary coding skills which I’ve started to practice again.

Sound designer

Some data sonification experiments done in 2020.


Blender mainly.

Media artist

Recently took part in an exhibition in Berlin with soundscape work.

Other interests

XR + location based games, XR + biofeedback, designing your own spaces in VR.

Gear that I am willing to lend to other members

Insta 360 Air (plug-in 360 camera for Android phones)




!Supporting members, Coder, Game designer, Media artist, Members, Project manager, Public speaking, Researcher, Sound designer