Annika Kluge

PhD student of Neuroscience, background in IT and biomedical engineering. Interested in reducing bias and developing empathy in people.

Public speaking

I do have some occasional public speaking experience regarding my own research and projects. I have taught 4th-5th graders Python for a year


I am researching intergroup empathy and bias. I am hoping to make some interventions to grow more empathy in people and reduce bias (in the future using VR, right now only written statements). I am also researching implicit bias using neuroimaging.

Project manager

I have five years of IT project managing experience + a lot of volunteer work – I ran a gaming NGO for a few years, organized smaller and bigger LAN parties and a gaming festival.


I have experience with Python and Matlab


I have ran a doc film club, edited a few trailers and a documentary film. And my own travel videos – nothing professional 🙂



!Supporting members, Coder, Editor, Project manager, Public speaking, Researcher