Andrea Mancianti

I studied composition and music technology in the conservatory and now I am a doctoral candidate in the Department of Media.

Public speaking

I have experiences as a teacher of mainly music composition and music software at high school and more recently university level. I have also been a speaker in few conferences, such as TVX, HybridLabSymposium and RixC.


I am currently a doctoral student in Media Lab


I have some coding experience. Mainly Java and javascript for audiovisual purposes.

3D/VFX artist

I have experience only of jitter (max/msp) and processing 3D generative animation.

Sound designer

My main field of study/work is in sound. I have ~15 years of experience as a composer of new music. I have some experience also as a film/theater composer and sound designer. I am very familiar with the majority of audio tools and can do audio recording and mixing. Quite familiar with spatial audio

Media artist

In the past few years I have been working extensively with media art projects. My portfolio, including music pieces and sound and media art can be found on my website.



!Supporting members, 3D/VFX artist, Coder, Media artist, Members, Public speaking, Researcher, Sound designer