Aki Silventoinen

Professional freelance sound designer and music composer living in Helsinki, Finland. Creating soundscapes for picture, games, 360 videos and virtual reality. Bachelor of Arts / Metropolia University.

Public speaking

I have worked as a 360 sound lecturer/adviser for Metropolia University and YLE.

Game designer

I have worked with Unity as a sound designer in one project for Finnair.

Sound designer

I have composed and produced music in various genres for over 20 years. I have been working as a professional sound designer for 4 years. I do Foley work and dialogue editing, field recording and binaural 3D sounds. Software that I use are Pro Tools, Logic, Reaper, and Unity.


I have filmed few 360 nature videos and time lapses with a 360 camera. I have been working as a sound recordist for many commercial 360 video projects.

Other interests

I like gaming with headsets like PSVR and Oculus GO.




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