XR Encounters #9: Immersive sound

Immersive sound: Case studies

Tuesday 21st May 17.00 – 19.00
VR Hub, Makerspace, K floor, Learning Center

Sound enthusiasts, this event is for you! This time we are going to talk about IMMERSIVE SOUND!

Immersion may mean many different things and can be achieved in many different ways. But what does it mean to create an immersive sonic environment or music experience? How sound and music can be used in VR projects and what role they can play?

Join us on Tuesday 21st May to talk about the creative use of sound and music in 360 videos and Virtual Reality. We will present some interesting 3D audio works made by the specialists in the field and discuss the tools and techniques they used.

There will be time for an open discussion, so feel free to suggest projects we definitely should talk about! Virtual Cinema Lab loves to inspire and be inspired!

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