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Virtual Cinema Lab of ELO and VR Hub of Aalto Learning Centre are organizing  XR Encounters, sessions of meaningful discussions about different topics related to VR field, study cases – showcase of produced VR works. The purpose of the XR Encounters is to offer the chance of meeting and develop collaborations with people from different fields – music composers, actors, chemists, biologists, game developers, scenographers, documentary filmmakers and so forth…and start building the foundation for further collaboration in VR field. At the same time, it’s a nice way for different people interested in VR to meet and exchange what they are working on, like in a peer to peer learning process. People could pitch if they are looking for team members that would help them accomplish bigger projects.

In the long term, the purpose would be to learn about what’s happening elsewhere, outside Finland also.

Time: Friday 8th December 2017 between 14-18

Location: Otakaari 7, Otaniemi (ELO building, 1st-floor lobby) – Aalto Studios

14.00 Welcome to XR Encounters!

14:20 One on one – skill speed dating session + trying out demos

14:45 Juhani Tenhunen from Aalto Studios tells how Aalto Studios work

15:00 Interactive Diorama—Rembrandt, 1632, The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp; presenter: professor Lily Díaz-Kommonen, Ling Chen

15:30 Pipeline solution for creative freedom – case: Ego Cure; presenter: Maija Paavola   

16:00 Case study: Mikko Joensuu 360° music video; presenter: Arto Tommiska

16:30 SCI PROJECT – Mathematical VR; presenter: Kristian Arjas & team

17:00 Trying out demos continues

17:50 Feedback regarding the VR experiences and ending the session


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