XR ENCOUNTER #11- AltSpace Encounter

Welcome to our first XR Encounter WITHIN Virtual Reality!
Tuesday 17th March 2020 at 19.00 in Altspace. 

Please note that for obvious reasons VCL will be hosting our upcoming XR Encounter #11 ONLY IN VR.
The theme is AltSpace Encounter, we will meet virtually here:

Those of you who have access to a VR headset, please do join! For Aalto people, here is still a few Oculus Quests available at Aalto TakeOut in case you would like to borrow one.
We acknowledge that not everyone has VR headset available, and hope to host another Altspace experiment in Aalto premises in the future.

A much-discussed topic in XR design is virtual meetings and their supposedly potential for such applications as remote meetings, conferences, friend-/relationships, and virtual tourism. This theme is more actual than ever: unfortunately festivals and conferences around the world (such as Laval Virtual and SXSW) have had to cancel due to virus precautions, and are looking into options to arrange the events on-line via virtual meeting platforms.

We will explore the possibility of virtual meeting spaces, choose avatars and synthetic locations, and try out social interactions, by presentations, round table discussions, and some joint group exercises. 

The event takes place in Altspace on Tuesday 17th March 2020 at 19.00

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