XR Encounter #14 – Gravity Sketch

XR Encounter – Gravity Sketch
October 7th 16.30 – 18.00

Google’s Tilt Brush presented its intuitive yet captivating spatial drawing experience as one of the most influential hits in modern consumer VR. Many apps picked up the sculptural workflow as a new way of spatial design. Recently, Gravity Sketch announced a powerful 3D modeling app supporting professional workflows. Aalto University is now an Educational Partner of Gravity Sketch such that we can try their new multi-user collaborative version. In this XR Encounter, we like to explore the opportunities of 3D modeling in space and remote collaboration with spatial understanding. To participate in this XR Encounter, please create an account at https://landingpad.me/ with your Aalto (!) email account at least 24h before. Please answer this post if you have done so, with your email address, as I need to register for the co-working spaces to function manually.Gravity Sketch is a single-user app that is freely available on Quest, and you can already familiarise yourself with the UI.

We start with meeting in Zoom to introduce ourselves and get ready. Later, we can come back to Zoom to share our impressions. The Zoom link can be found on VCL Slack channel.

The session begins on 7th Oct 2021 at 16:30 EEST.

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