Virtual Reality in Art & Research #1

Virtual Reality in Art & Research
Share ideas, discuss & collaborate!

Welcome to join our monthly self-help group for artists & researchers, where we explore and discuss the possibilities of Virtual and Augmented Reality as tools of content creation in the present and the future.

Bring your own ideas and doubts and discuss them with other artist and researchers who might provide you with new and genuine perspectives that will help you develop and improve your own projects.

We will help each other and collaborate in a welcoming & informal way, where everyone can share their current projects and talk about specific problems and how to address them. We will address:

– Theoretical questions
Examples: What means engagement in VR? How to create a character that people can empathize with?

– Practical problems
Examples: I need recommendation for software or plugins! What is the best workflow or pipeline for my project? How can I design a specific FX that works in VR?

– Organizational issues
Examples: How many people do I need to produce my project? Where should I apply for money for this?

– Conceptual/philosophical questions
Examples: What is the state & implicit ideologies of current technology? What are potential futures of storytelling with new media technologies?
How to participate: bring your own questions, ask for opinions and support, come up with potential projects and collaboration together, etc …

Join our first brain-feeding session (no registration needed)

Thursday 2nd of May, 16:30 – 18:00
Studio Kipsari Backstage – Otakaari 7B

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