The Future of Immersive Sound seminar 16.8.2018

Welcome to Explore the future of immersive sound!

Virtual Cinema Lab is part of this joint event that builds bridges between the grass root discoveries and big scale immersive installations.
The goal of the event is to showcase of the latest immersive sound applications, discuss the future directions of immersive sound, and make new friends in matchmaking event. If you know what immersive sound stands for, would like to know more, or want to know how The Virtual Orchestra: Sibelius 360 installation in HAM is made.
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Event is free of charge. Please register yourself latest on 5.8.2018

Matchmaking event is part of The Virtual Orchestra: Sibelius 360 installation, and organized in collaboration with Aalto University Virtual Cinema Lab, Aalto University Experience Platform, Aalto University Digi Platform, University of the Arts, Sibelius Academy, MiklagardArts, and HAM.

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