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Otakaari 7, 02150 Espoo, Finland

Project Coordinator
Kirsi Rinne
+358 40 5929 466

Iga Zatorska

Doctoral student at Media Department working on 3D audio. Master of Arts in Polish philology with major in film-knowing. Professional experience as a photographer, video maker, sound and graphic designer, communication officer.

Public speaking

I taught video editing and filmmaking (project “Omin sanoin – In my own words”).


I am a doctoral student at Media Department. My research project focuses on 3D audio as a mean of immersion in different types of media.

Game designer

I use Unity 3D for the purpose of my research: I am working on two art productions creating simple environments and using sound spatialization plugins.


Basic knowledge of C# (Unity 3D) and Java (Processing).

3D/VFX artist

Independent user of Blender and Adobe AfterEffects.

Sound designer

Proficient with PureData and DAW softwares such as ProTools or Ableton. Occasional foley artist. Now working on 3D audio projects (Unity 3D).


Photo and video editing, in particular: commercial photography, product videos, documentary filmmaking (instructor).


5-year work experience as a photographer and video maker (also 360 photography).

Media artist

Work experience as a visual content producer (photo, video, graphics), personal projects involved also sound design, video mapping and motion graphics.

Other interests

Film music and sound design, interaction, video mapping, photojournalism.




3D/VFX artist, Active members, Cinematography, Coder, Editor, Game designer, Media artist, Members, Public speaking, Researcher, Sound designer

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