Maiju Loukola

Doctor of Arts, background in scenography and spatial arts

Public speaking

I have lectured and given thematic workshops around mediated space/stage, with focus in media aesthetics and phenomenlogical approach.


My PhD dissertation (transl. in English) “Anywhere near. Mediality of stage and the architecture of touch”, 2014) was an artistic research dealing with mediality of performative space and experientiality of media installations. My current postdoc research focuses on politics of space + peripheries.


Editor understood in the context of literary artistic research context <> I’m a member of editorial board of RUUKKU Journal for artistic research + Tiede & Edistys (refereed multidisciplinary journal / humanities, social sciences + artistic research)

Production design

I’m keen in rearticulating both the vocabulary and practices of intermedial practices and theory of scenography. I approach scenographic activities from a media sensitive perspective grounded on the sensability of body, bodily perception and the notion of sensuous knowledge.

Media artist

I work in the field of so called expanded scenography often taking form in something between performance, performative space and installation.

Other interests

Artistic research, visual cultures, philosophy of place

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