We are a community of researchers who are mapping the possibility space of content creation with new media technologies.

Otakaari 7, 02150 Espoo, Finland

Project Coordinator
Kirsi Rinne
+358 40 5929 466

Corinne Linder

I am a circus artists and have a master in communication, contemporary circus production as well as dance art.

Public speaking

Teaching Virtual reality acting and movement for 360 shooting, sound capture system teaching for dancers and circus artists.


Life researcher through movement practice and connecting with other art forms.

Project manager

I have done 4 projects so far (live performance, short film in VR, sound toolkit software (sonottolkit cirque) and a food tech experience. You can find more information here.


Yes, to some extent.

Gear that I am willing to lend to other members

GoPro Fusion 360 Camera.




!Supporting members, Director/Screenwriter, Project manager, Public speaking, Researcher

Virtual Cinema Lab